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Battery charger Desulfator 12- 48 Volt

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Advantages at a glance

Westech battery charger- desulfator- refresher-  battery activator

  • Awakens sulfated batteries back to life
  • Increases the battery performance of used batteries
  • Optimizes the cold startup performance
  • Extends the battery life
  • Prevents battery sulfation


Whilst every discharge, the lead akkus form lead sulphat. The lead sulphat takes it´s time to form so that the battery performance and capacity sink drasticly. An extremely sulfated battery can be recognized by it´s  quick full charge and discharge. The battery can´t fully load the power and then ends up being empty more quickly, because the power wasn´t sufficient.
The battery´s function gets worse and worse with this related capacity loss, until the battery eventually fails completely.

The Westech battery sulfator helps to stop this process by dissolving the sulphates. In case that the sulfation only is minimal, the capacity and the life span of the battery most likely will haved improved a lot by the time the sulfator was used. 
If the trigger of the defective battery is the sulfation, you can reanimate the battery in many cases and even improve the capacity. 
The Westech battery charger supplies electronically controlled high freuqency impulses, that get rid off the existing sulphate layer.
These impulses manage to revery the process, mentioned above and improve the battery performance. THe Westech charger only has to be switched in parallel to the Akku/ charger.
After about 6-10 full charge-/ discharge cycles, the sulphat layer should have dissolved. 
To manage the battery condition, the device has an extra digital voltage indication.
This product can be used with lead- acid-,  AGM gel- batteries with a voltage of 12VDC up to 48VDC.
With new, unsulfated batteries, the Westech battery charger can extend the batteries life by a lot.

Westech Battery charger- refresher- activator



  • Longer life span and always a full charge capacity
  • Who doesn´t wish for a vehicle battery, that lives forever and never failst?
  • The Westech battery charger-refresher connects wish and reality.
  • This compact device stops sulfation, the early reason for lead akkus failing
  • Even seemingly defective batteries can be brought back to life with help of this device


Easily conect to the plus and minus pole of the battery and the charger starts to function.
You can now hear a slow rhythmic beep.
Increased battery life due to reduced sulfation 
For 12V, 24V and 48V Batteries adjustable,can read the battery voltage full automatically.
Reaktivation of seemingly defective batteries 
Prevention of cold start problems 
Maintenance of the full charge capacity over years 
Reduction of hazardous waste and therefore the protection of the environment
Usable with batteries up to 300 Ah 
Ideal for cars, campers and boats

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