Feed-In system 5,2 kW with battery storage system 5 kWh incl. hybrid inverter

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Self-consumption system 5,2 kW with battery system 5 kWh

The system | The components
Complete system with poly crystalline modules for grid feed-in 5200 Wp

Inkluding PV modules, hybrid inverter, battery storage system and cables with mounting material for modules (roof-hook for pantiles)


  • PV modules 260W 
  • Inverter/battery storage system QBATT5 according to VDE V 126-1-1/02.06 / VDE-AR-N 4105

Power generation fo rself-consumption with battery storage and grid feed-in

Total/nominal power 5200 Wp! Generates up to 25 kWh per day and stores up to 4kWh for night use of the power!
The meter is balancing the phases so that the inverter can be connected to any of the phases and still the positive effect of the free-of-charge power is used on all phases.
Due to the balancing meter the inverter recognizes if the consumption of power in the house is higher than the power production of the PV system an immediately uses power from the battery to cover this excess consumption. Thus, the power produced during the day can be self-consumed in the night - maintenance-free, high-quality, cost-efficient and sustainable.  
Grab you share of independence from the power pricing strategies of the grid companies and decouple fom rising electricity prices.  
The system is easy to install and power is generated even in diffuse light conditions like cloudy or rainy skies.
The system has an ENS protection system and is certified according to VDE-AR-N4105.
High-quality because of approvedtechnology and high efficiency due to the poly crystalline silicon cells.

The QBATT series use solar energy to directly serve the household power consumption, to charge the batteries and to feed the excess into the public grid. The Energy-Management-System (EMS) optimizes the energy flow with an integrated control system and an adaptive logic algorithm  to achieve maximum PV self-consumption in the household.
Additionally, it is equipped with an innovative load shift and demand-oriented load management as well as back-up function in case of a power outage. The modern Li-Ion technology provides maximum safety with a micro controller based and multiple redundant battery management system.
The QBATT energy storage series combine the innovative Energy-Management-System (EMS) with LCD touchscreen, inverter, connection box and battery modules to a absolutely user-friendly storage system. The high flexibility, reliability, compatibility and wide range of functionalities of the innovative smart home concept fulfill all customer requirements.

The storage system includes:

  • 5,2 kW PV system with mounting material for pitched-roof mounting
  • Hybrid inverter 4600W AC power
  • Premium Li-Ion battery pack 5kWh with
  • 10 years power warranty
    EMS (Energy-Management-System)
  • 19" cabinet
  • Connection box
  • Bi-directional meter
  • Back-up function
  • Access to free-of-charge online portal

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pc QBATT5 hybrid inverter with 5 kWh LiFePo4 battery storage
  • 20 pcs solar modules poly-crystalline 260Wp (depending on availability)
  • 40 meters solar cable
  • 2 sets Westech-C4 plug-connector

Scope of delivery mounting system for tiled roof:

  • 68 x roof-hook set stainless steel incl. screws and nuts A2
  • 40 m square pipe 40 x 40 mm incl. connector for square pipe
  • 8 x end clamp set  
  • 34 x middle clamp set 

Technical Data QBATT5 hybrid storage system

QBATT5 Ansicht

 Net capacity 4 kWh
 Nominal capacity 5 kWh
 Depth of Discharge80% DoD
 Charging cycles ca. 6000 @ 80%
 Warranty5 years product warranty, 10 years power warranty, 20 years expected lifetime
 Battery modulesM4850-M
 AC nominal power  4600 W   
 AC voltage range180 - 270 VAC
 Max. PV power5400 W
 Max. PV voltage 580 VDC
 Max. PV current2 x 15 A
 Grid regulationsVDE-AR-N 4105, VDE 0126-1-1, ...
 Display 7" inch Touch LCD
 Communication Ethernet
 Cabinet650 x 610 x 1630 mm
 Weight without battery 150 kg
 Max. battery modules 5 (12,5 kWh)

Download Datasheet


Technical Data PV module

With a nominal power of 260 W the module is ideally suited for any standard PVapplication.
The modules are manufactured on precision machinery, equipped with an anodized universal frame and hail-proof safety glass.
The modules are TUV tested and equipped with all relevant certificates like IEC61215, IEC 61730, CE, ISO, ROHS.
250 W PV-Modul

 Max. power Pmax (W)260 W
 Voltage at Pmax (V)30,8 V
 Current at Pmax (A)8,45 A
 Open-circuit voltage (V)37,9 V
 Short-circuit current (A)9,06 A
 L x W x H frame/junction box1640 x 992 x 40 mm
 Max. system voltage1000 V
 Power warranty 25 years80 %
 Weight18 kg

Download Datesheet PV module

Datasheet German

Download calculation for KfW funding


Product weight:708,78 Kg

Question on item

Question on item

This product consists of
QBatt5 Serie 3 kWh

1 x QBatt5 Serie 3 kWh

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Solar module 275W Poly AS-6P30-275

20 x Solar module 275W Poly AS-6P30-275

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Tellerkopf-Torx VA  8 x 100 mm 1 Stück

136 x Tellerkopf-Torx VA 8 x 100 mm 1 Stück

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Innensechskantschraube M8 x45 VA

42 x Innensechskantschraube M8 x45 VA

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Sechskantmutter mit Verzahnung M10 VA

68 x Sechskantmutter mit Verzahnung M10 VA

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Solar cable 4mm˛ red meter-length

40 x Solar cable 4mm˛ red meter-length

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Nuts for M8

42 x Nuts for M8

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Westech-C4-connector male/female

2 x Westech-C4-connector male/female

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Profile connector; insertion connector

16 x Profile connector; insertion connector

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End clamp-module 40 mm

8 x End clamp-module 40 mm

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Middle clamp-module

34 x Middle clamp-module

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Tooth disc 8mm VA

42 x Tooth disc 8mm VA

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Hex bolt M10x25 VA

68 x Hex bolt M10x25 VA

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