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High current relay FRC3 12V, 70 A 1 closer

Hochstromrelais 12V 70A

  • CarHifi
  • Boote
  • Caravan und Camping
  • Solaranwendungen
  • etc.
Category: Solar accessories

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High current relay 70A



The relay gets sheeted between the batteries, once the vehicles´ ignition is running and the relay receives power, it can react and the auxiliary battery gets connceted to the power supply.
This is ideal for vehicles that have to stand for a long time, the relay stops the main battery from being discharged.
Throughout winter there are additional advantages as one has a lot more of cold start amperage on hand with two batteries. Enough of the sentence ´I cant get the engine running!`.


Installing an isolating relay in case of wanting to build in a second-/ auxiliary battery into a vehicle, is highly recommended. The relay therefore is supposed to separate the connection between the batteries when the engine is not running, once starting the ignition the second  battery gets switched on. Consequentally the batteries can´t discharge each other when the vehicle has to stand for a longer period of time.Both batteries get recharged from the alternator once the engine is running. 

  •     CarHifi
  •     Boote
  •     Caravan and Camping
  •     Solar usage
  •     etc.

Product details:

• Measurements (LxBxH): 29 x 29 x 26,5 mm
• Max. switched voltage: 75 VDC
• Max. switched current: 70 A
• Coil voltage: 12 VDC
• Internal resistance: 80 Ohm
• Contacts: 1 Schliesser, 70 A
• Contacts: AgSnO2


• Dus cap with fastening flap 
• 6,35mm / 9,5mm plug connections

Technical details

    Over all
Type : High current relay 
Performance: 1x normally open switch 

    Ports / interfaces
Port:6,35 / 9,5 mm Faston 
Contacts: AgSnO2

    Electronical properties
Switched voltage: 75 V DC 
Voltage DC: 12 V= 
Internal resistance (Ri): 80 Ohm 
Max. switching current : 70 A 
Test voltage 500 AC V

Lenght: 29 mm 
Width: 29 mm 
Hight: 26,5 mm


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