PV-Energy-Manager 2.1

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Westech Solar Energiemanager

Heat your water for free with your photovoltaic system!

Westech Solar Energy-ManagerThe concept of Westech Energy Manager is to use the excess energy produced by your photovoltaic system for heating the water in your hot water storage tank or storage tank and thereby save money.

Your advantages

Take advantage of the excess power generated by your PV system. Increase your self-consumption and reduce the share that you feed into the grid.
Save cost for the heating of domestic hot water, heating water, and reduce the frequency of use of your oil or gas burner.
The Westech Energy Manager uses only the energy that would otherwise be fed into the grid.
This means you can use the free energy from the sun and reduce your energy costs. The unit is easy to install,
use, and review so that you can enjoy the financial benefits of your investment in solar panels completely foolproof.
The Westech Energy Manager directs the energy automatically continuously on a heater or heat exchanger to once more electricity than is generated needed. Current Electricity normally flows into the grid and is therefore lost, if you do not receive feed-in tariff. Take Westech Energy Manager in connection of your immersion heater or instantaneous water heaters specifically available which can be connected to any burlap and domestic hot water or buffer memory without much effort.

Westech Solar Energie Manager Einsatzmöglichkeiten
Even if you only have little excess energy available from this Westech Energy Manager is used to preheat the water, thereby reducing the force required to complete heating the water quantity in oil, gas or electricity.

So clever and so simple!
The Westech Solar Energy Manager fits perfectly next to your domestic water tank and can be attached there quickly. It is usually between a 16A protected line and the heater switched. It wirelessly receives data continuously from the transmitter, which monitors the energy production and the Westech Energy Manager activated when excess energy is produced. It controls and regulates the energy flow to the heating element infinitely intelligent way. Since the domestic consumption and the energy of the photovoltaic system are subject to fluctuations derr Westech Energy Manager, energy fits proportionally, so that actually only the excess energy is used for water heating. The transmitter is battery operated and therefore can very quickly be mounted with its clamp before the power meter - completely without costly cabling. Thanks to the programmable timer in the solar energy manager can be adjusted so that at the desired time, he uses the full power of the electricity network so as to ensure a normal operation without sun yield. The booster button is used to heat by a simple push of a button for 15 minutes to two hours more water.

Increase your self-consumption by connecting the Westech Energy Manager with your photovoltaic system or wind turbine and already start saving.

performance chart Energy-Manager:
Westech Solar Energie Manager Leistungsdiagramm
Solar Kostenentwicklung:
Solar Kostenentwicklung Diagramm

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