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Super B Lithium battery 13,2V/160Ah with BMS

Super B Lithium-Ion-Iron-Phosphate-Storage-Battery, 13,2 V / 160 Ah, with BMS/CAN-outputs

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Super B lithium battery 13,2V/160AH - SB12V160E-ZC

Lightweight Lithium Ion Traction battery, 59.3 lb / 26.9 kg.
This newly developed battery is designed to replace the much heavier 250 to 320 Ah lead-acid battery.


  • Traction battery
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Most safe lithium technology today
  • Superior abuse tolerance
  • Integrated BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRFP) Casing, Aluminium / PE sandwich side panels
  • 2 x 95mm2 wire connection per terminal
  • Integrated fuse, 32V / 500A
  • CANOpen interface for battery monitoring
  • Battery monitoring / History Storage
  • Adaptive cell balancing
  • Serial string equalisation


  • High capacity
  • Low weight
  • High cycle count
  • Low maintenance
  • One on One replaceable with AGM/GEL lead acid batteries
  • High discharge current, 3C continuous, 5C pulse
  • Can be charged with regular AGM charger
  • Fast charging, 1C
  • Serial string connection up to 1150V DC


Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4).
This Lithium Ion technology used in super B batteries is the safest Lithium Ion technology available today.
On top of that our bespoke casing and electronics further increase safety and durability.

Technical specifications

Height (mm)  313,00 / 314,00
Width (mm)  413,50 / 414,50
Thickness (mm)  225,00 / 226,00
Nominal voltage (V)  13,2V
Charge method  CCCV
End of charge voltage (V)  15,4V
End of charge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life)  14,6V
Charge current (A)  160A (1C)
Charge current (A) for endurance (cycle life)  52,8A (C/3)
End-of-discharge voltage (V)  8V
?End-of-discharge voltage (V) for endurance (cycle life)  10V
Discharge current (A)  480A (3C)
Discharge current (A) for endurance (cycle life)  52,8A (C/3)
Discharge pulse current (A) (10 seconds)  1280A (8C)
Discharge pulse current (A) (60 second)  800A (5C)
Discharge performance at 20 °C (rated capacity)  160Ah / 2112Wh
Discharge performance at –20 °C (capacity)  104Ah / 1372,8Wh
High rate discharge performance at 20 °C (capacity)  144Ah / 1841,4Wh
EqPb (Equals Lead acid battery)  320Ah
Weight  26,9kg
Operating temperature range (Charge)  0°C to 45°C
Operating temperature range (Discharge)  -20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature range  -20°C to +60°C

Information about battery directive
As we sell batteries and accumulators or devices that contain them, we have to inform you about the following prodcedures (based on Batterieverordnung (BattV):
1.1 Batteries and accumulators my not be dsiposed of in residential waste. You are obliged by law to dispose of them properly and return them for proper treatment.
Thus, you can return your batteries to us or local dealers/collection points in your area for free. 
Batteries and accumulators are marked with a crossed waste bin and the chemical symbol of the hazardous substances used, i.e. "Cd" for Cadmium, "Hg" for mercury and "Pb" for lead.  
Lithium Super B
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