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WT-Combi MPPT series

Hochleistungswechselrichter, reine Sinuswelle, Serie "WT-Combi-MPPT". Spannungswandler mit Auswahl Batterievorrang oder Netzvorrang, USV-Betrieb und eingebauten MPPT Solarladeregler. Optimal für Solar, KFZ, Boot, Camping, Outdoor, Caravan und Inselanlage.
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High performance inverter, pure sine wave , series "WT-Combi-MPPT"

Voltage converter with selection of  battery-eminence or / network will prevail, ups- operation and integrated  MPPT solar charge controller!

Solar, motor vehicle, boat , camping, outdoor, caravan, off-grid sytsem


Up to 500 Watt module capacity at 12 Volt battery voltage.
The voltage converters from the WT-COMBI-MPPT series povide a pure sine voltage for high claims.

It is a low frequency unit with high efficiency. In this case the power transformation is done with a robust toroidal transformer. The control and inspection gets taken care of by a micro-controller in combination with the newest generation of MOS-FET amplifiers.
These devices knowingly count to the most reliable and robust to find world wide.

Talking off, the weight of 11,5 kg depending on the performance type shows that we only use stable, high quality components and not easy to fail and cheap ones.

The inverter from the WT-Combi-MPPT series is a device  with a solar charge controller made for professionals, not willing to make any compromises.Every thing needed by todays standarts is installed. From an integrated charger, a power saving mode, battery eminence, net will prevail, an MPPT- solar charge controller and highly stable , overload-proof sine voltage as well as a battery cable, everything is inclusive.
This inverter is used by the thousands on big motor yachts, in caravans and off-grid systems.The device guarantees disruptive provision of a 230 V voltage at its 230V mains input, for all others connected.
The WT-Combi-MPPT provides more than double the amount of nominal capacity for the starting current of engines over a short period of time. Even overload or short circuits don´t lead to distruction.The temperature and load controlled fan only runs in case the inverters temperature is too high and cooling is needed.

The devices can even operate with inductive consumers such as induction hobs, fluorescent lamps, fridges, coffee machines and highly sensitive devices like televisions, computers, audio systems, espresso machines and similar.

Device features:

  • Integrated solar controller:
    Through the integrated MPPT- solar charge controllers it is possible to connect solar modules with an open circuit voltage of up to 24 volt directly with the inverters solar inputs.The built in charge controller with "Maximum Power Point Tracking"
    converts the module voltage to battery voltage and provides the maximum power that can be supplied by the solar modules. It even protects against battery overload and is ideal for all battery types ( Gel, AGM, lead-acid). The battery gets charged up to 13,8 Volt in cycle operation and in all operating modes as long as power gets generated from the solar modules. 

  • Mains priority- and UPS-operation
    In case mains priority is set at the code taster and shore power, normal house network or generator power is available and it is connected to the converter´s terminals of AC input , the converter switches the input voltage directly through to the terminals of AC output. Mean while all connected consumers get supplied by the mains current.When the mains current is not available anymore, a network switchover to voltage converter operation takes place and all connected comsumers eventually get supplied with the battery´s voltage. The switchover time from mains current to voltage vonverter operation takes < 10 milliseconds. This short period of switchover time enables the operation as UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

  • Battery eminence- Solar plant
    In case battery eminence is set at the code taster, the inverter uses the battery power until the battery minimum voltage (11,8V or 11,5V) is reached.
    When the minimum battery voltage falls short, the inverter switches back to mains operation for battery conservation. The users then get supplied with mains current. The battery also gets charged the integrated charger at the same time in order not to stay in untervoltage for too long. The full charge or battery charge will be completed by the solar modules when solar power is available. If the battery reaches the return voltage of 13,3 Volt ,the voltage converter automatically changes back to battery mode.
    The switchover time net operation and battery operation takes <10 milliseconds. This short period of switchover time enables disruptive operation for all connected 230V consumers. 
    In this operating mode, the produced electricity, is primarily self consumed (self consumption solar power).
    To protect the battery from prolonged undervoltage, the battery voltage initially gets raised with mains current.
  • Energy-saving mode
    The inverter has an automatic load check up and load recognition. The sleep mode (automatic load recognition) can be tuned on and off with the `energie-saving mode` button on the device. When the sleep mode is activated and no other active users are connected, the inverter changes from neutral too sleep mode and remains there until an output load gets turned on (comsumer>30W).
    The invertet does a check up every 15-30 seconds, to find out whether a 230 Volt device is requesting. 
    A soon as an output load gets regognized, the converter quickly changes from sleep mode to operating mode and provides the output voltage and full output power.
    This method saves important battery, because the self consumption is minimal in sleep mode.
    The inverter then stays in sleep mode with a standby- usage of < 2 Watt.

    In case you don´t want the sleep mode with automatic load recognition, because some users need a continuous current, one can deactivate the mode and the inverter runs in neutral.  1,5 Ampere idle power are needed.

  • Integrated charger
    The integrated charger charges the batteries via mains current and manages to keep the batteries at 13,8 V with trickle charging.
    This charging methode can be used with all common battery types (Load-acid, Gel, AGM) without the load curve having to be adapted to the specific battery type. 
    With either a weak mains current- or generator performance or a small battery there is always the possibility to reduce the maximum charging current of the internal charger  from 100% down to 50% . Very small batteries can get charged more gently and the current consumption from the power grid or generator can be reduced whilst charging.

  • UPS
    WT-Combi-MPPT devices have an automatically integrated switch with a UPS-function.
    As soon as an external voltage source (shore power, mains power, generator) is available , the device directly changes from inverter to external supply. The frequency gets syncronized during the changeover and the operation istself takes place in 10ms (with activated ups-function). With this all connected users get supplied continuously. Current interruptions, that lead to computer crashes can be ruled out. 

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Controllertype: MPPT
Rated voltage Battery: 12V 24V
Rated Current: 30A
Shipping weight: 13,00 Kg

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