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Battery balancer; charge balancer

In 24V oder 48V Systemen wird für Landungsausgleich bei unterschiedlicher Ladung der Batterien gesorgt. Lebensdauer und Leistung der Batterie werden dadurch verlängert und verbessert.
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Battery charge balancer

Balancer charge equalizer for 12V batteries.
For 12V batteries that are installed in 24V or 48V systems, it comes when loading due to slightly different capacity often the case that the batteries are charged differently.
A battery is overcharged and the other battery is not yet fully loaded.

Consequence of this different state of charge is:
- Sulphation never properly charged battery (capacity loss)
- Strong oxidizing and drying of the overcharged battery.

In both cases, the battery life is greatly shortened.
In 48V systems, these different battery charge is even more since 4 batteries should have the same voltage.
If 2 or 4 the batteries are connected in series, the battery charger can only detect the total voltage and not the 2 or 4 the individual voltages of the batteries.
Exceeds the voltage difference of series-connected batteries 10mV then turns to the balancer.
The power is supplied to the balancer from the connected batteries
The load balancer (balancer or equalizer) attempted here, the individual battery voltages to compensate so that the individual battery voltages are always the same. When unloading the 24 - or 48V systems then all the batteries are discharged evenly and avoided an undervoltage of the single battery here.
Since the 12v batteries have always small manufacturing tolerances, it is strongly recommended to use this load balancer at 48V systems. It is usually within 6 months to a greatly different individual battery voltage and premature aging of the batteries is the result.

For a 24V battery bank consisting of 2 12V batteries, you need a load balancer.

For a 48V battery bank consisting of 4 pieces 12V batteries you need 3 pieces of cargo stabilizer.
see charts

Starting voltage: 26V
Voltage drop: <0.2 V
Maximum transient current: 2A

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