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Victron battery monitor BMV-702

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Advantages and functions

BMV 702 battery monitor

Precise monitoring
It is the main task of battery monitoring to document the consumed amp-hours, as well as the current battery charge. The amp-hours are calculated through integration of the current into or out of the battery. With constant current that equals to current x time. E.g. a discharge current of 10A over a period of 2 hours equal to 20Ah. Victron battery guards are fitted with powerful and appropriatly programmed micro-processors.

Battery tank-indicator, remaining time and many more
The remaining battery capacity depends on the consumed amp-hours, the discharging current, the temperature and the age of the battery. For this complex software algorithms are needed. The BMV-700 series also shows the charge state, the remaining time and the power consumption in Watts, apart from showing the current, the voltage, power and consumed amp-hours.

Additional functions over the BMV-700:

  • Additional port for measuring voltage of a second battery, as well as additional alarm- and relay settings for the second battery.
  • Temperature measurement of the battery (only with the optional temperature sensor BTS-702) to newly calculate the resulting battery capacity.
  • Centre voltage measurement

    Please note that it might no be possible to use some additional functions at once since one port is always used for the measuring resistance.

New: Monitoring of the centre voltage (BMV-702 only)
This function, which is often used in the industry to monitor big and expensive battery banks, is now cheaply available to monitor every battery bank. A battery bank consists of a strand of connected cell. The centre voltage is the voltage in the middle of the strand. Ideally the centre voltage is exactly half of the overall voltage. Practically though there are deviations. These are caused by numerous factors, for example by the different charge state of new batteries or cells, by different temperatures, by internal leak-currents, by capacities and many more.
Large or ascending deviations of the centre voltage point to a improper battery maintenance or a faulty battery or cell. Correcting measures after a centre voltage alarm can prevent serious damage to the expensive batteries.
Please consult the user manual for further information.

Easy installation
Most electric connections are dealt with at the circuit board next to the power-shunt. The shunt is connected to the battery-guard via a RJ12-telephone cable.
In the box: RJ12-cable (10m) and battery cable with fuse (2m); no extra parts needed. 
Additionaly a seperate front panel for a square or round display and a safety ring for a backside mount with screws are included in the box. 
Easy programming
A quick installation menu and a detailed setup menu with pictures support the user whilst changing the settings. Please consult the user manual for further information.

Standard functions 

  • battery voltage, current, power, consumed amp-hours and charge state
  • remaining time (discharge rate taken into account)
  • programmable  visual and acoustiv alarm
  • programmable relay to disconnect loads or connect a generator if necessary.
  • A 500 ampere quick-connection shunt and a connection set.
  • shunt capacity of up to 10.000 ampere.
  • VE.Direct communication port
  • Saves a large bandwidth of data, these are used to create a usage pattern and calculate the battery´s condition.
  • broad input voltage: 9,5 - 95 V
  • high power measuring resolution 10 mA (0,01 A)
  • low power consumption 2,9 Ah per month (4 mA) at 12 V and 2,2 Ah per month (3 mA) at 24 V
  • additional components not necessary.
  • easy installation: seperate front panels (square or round), ring for backside mounting and screws for frontside mounting.

Further information can be found in the installation instructions.

Technical data

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Battery guard

BMV 700

BMW 702


Voltage realm power supply

6,5 - 95 VDC

6,5 - 95 VDC

60 - 385 VDC

Power consumption; backround lighting off

<  4 mA

< 4 mA

< 4 mA

Intake voltage realm, additional battery

not applicable

6,5 - 95 VDC

not applicable

Battery capacity (Ah)

20 - 9999 Ah

Operating temperature

-20 +50°C (0 - 120°F)

Can measure voltage of a second battery, temperature or average




Temperature measuring realm

-20 +50°C

not applicable

VE.Direct communication port





60 V/1 A open (can be reversed)



± 0,01 A


± 0,01 V


± 0,1 Ah

charge state (0 - 100%)

± 0,1 %

Remaining time

± 1 min

Temperature (0 - 50°C doder 30 - 120°F)

not applicable

± 1 °C/°F

not appicable

Accuracy of the current measurement

± 0,4 %

Accuracy of the voltage measurement

± 0,3 %



Flat mounting


63 mm diameter

Front panel

69 x 69 mm (2,7 x 2,7 inch)

Diameter housing

52 mm (2,0 inch)

Depth housing

31 mm (1,2 inch)



EN 60335-1

Emissions / Immunity

EN 55014-1 / EN 55014-2

Automotive industry

ECE R10-4 / EN 50498


Shunt (in the box)

500 A/50 mV

Cable (in the box)

10 Meter 6 adriges UTP-Kabel mit RJ12-Steckern,
und kabel mit Sicherung für den`+`Anschluss

Temperature sensor

Optional (A55000100000)

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