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Charge controller EPSolar MPPT XTRA XDS1 display series 30A-40A 12-48V

Highly efficient, compact and reliable charge controller to use the full power of your solar modules.
  • MPPT charge controller 30A or 40A
  • 12-48V system voltage
  • Maximum PV open circuit voltage 138V / 150V
  • MPP voltage range up to 108V
  • Negative grounding
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Charge controller MPPT XTRA XDS1 display series

Solar charge controller EPSolar XTRA-N series

  • Advanced MPPT technology
  • High efficiency of not less than 98%
  • "ultra-fast" recording speed
  • Precise detection of multiple maximum power points (MPP)
  • multifunctional LCD display
  • manual adjustment of the battery types, load control etc.
  • negative grounding via (-) pole
  • RS485 interface with MODBUS industry standard
  • Fully programmable functions via PC software
  • automatic limitation of charging power and current
  • Large MPP operating voltage range
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Real-time energy statistics
  • Overheating reduction function
  • Multiple work modes for loading

 MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) makes optimal use of the full power of your solar modules.

For all common module technologies, optimal for solar systems with module voltages that are higher than the battery voltage.
With these controllers you can also use modules that are actually intended for use in grid-connected systems.

The most efficient working point of the solar modules changes due to various factors, such as module temperature, irradiation, module type etc. This working point is constantly monitored by the internal microcontroller and, if necessary, controlled in such a way that the optimal performance of the solar module is given and your batteries are charged with the respective greatest current ,

Lead-acid, maintenance-free lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-fleece batteries are generally used in photovoltaic solar systems to store the energy. Lead batteries must be protected against deep discharge and overcharging. The MPPT solar charge controller meets both requirements, and the batteries are also well maintained by intelligent maintenance.
The switching thresholds for over / undervoltage, load cut-off and reset voltage are controlled precisely and temperature-stable via the internal microcontroller. These sound thresholds can be freely selected in the user battery type and can be programmed using PC software.


The controller can be monitored and set using the MT50 display or adapter cable and software. The controller can be monitored using the PC software.
4 types of batteries can be set. In the user battery type, the voltages are freely selectable and programmable via the software (lithium batteries).

A switchable load output gives the user the option of switching all consumers connected to the solar charge controller on or off at the press of a button on the controller or via software settings on the PC.
The load output (Load) switches off in the event of undervoltage. As soon as the voltage has reached a safe point, the load output switches on again.

2 timers can control night lighting as soon as the controller detects "night" through the solar module.
Yield measurement of all system parameters and monitoring via PC software possible.
The controller can be set and monitored with the optionally available MT50 display.


  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Maximum charging current 30A or 40A
  • Automatic system voltage detection 12-48V
  • Solar input module open circuit voltage from 5V to 150V
  • Battery deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection
  • RS485 interface, Modbus protocol
  • Monitoring via PC software or MT50 display
  • Temperature-dependent charging parameter correction
  • Load output with switch-off option
  • Adjustable battery types (open acid, AGM, gel, user)
Voltage range: MPP up to 108V
Grounding: Negative
Controllertype: MPPT
System voltage: 12/24/36/48V
Rated Current: 30A 40A
Shipping weight: 5,00 Kg

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