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Charge controller IT6415ND MPPT 60A 12-48V

MPPT solar charge controller 60A input voltage 9-145V

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iTracer Bundle
iTracer Bundle
  • External temperature sensor for EPSolar charge controllers

    Suitable for series

    • Tracer -AN/-BN/-A
    • XTRA
    • DuoRacer
    • GoMate
    • LS-B
    • VS -BN/-AU
  • The adapter box eBox-BLE-01 enables wireless monitoring via Bluetooth communication between the solar controllers/inverters from EPsolar and the smartphone APP. The parameter setting, monitoring etc. is comfortably possible via the interface of the APP.
  • Adapter cable CC-RJ45 to connect EPSolar charge Controllers with remote/ebox


    Suitable for Series

    • eTracer / iTracer
    • DuoRacer
    • MT91
  • Adapter cable CC-USB to connect EPSolar charge Controllers with PC


    Suitable for Series

    • eTracer / iTracer
    • DuoRacer
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Solar charge controller  i-Tracer IT6415ND

Module power up to 2880 W at 48 V 

Module open-circuit voltage up to 145 V

Battery voltage 12-24 V

Ideal to use the full power of your solar modules to charge a 12, 24, 36 or 48 V battery.

MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) allows the optimal use of the complete power of your modules. 

For most commonly used module technologies and module with optimal module voltages higher than the battery voltage.
You can also use modules that are usually used in grid-connected PV installations.

The Maximum Power Point of solar modules changes depending on multiple factors, e.g. module temperature, irradiation, type of module etc. This point of operation is constantly monitored by the internal microcontroller and adapted if necessary to get the maximum power of every module to charge the batteries.

This can be visualized with an example (130W module). 
MPPT voltage  = 17.5 V, MPPT current = 7.42 A, resulting in 17.5 V x 7.42 A = 130 W.
If the module is connected to the MPPT charge controller, the voltage is constant at 17.5 V.

However, if the module is connected to a normal controller with a 12 V battery, the module voltage is 12 V accordingly.
At full irradiation the module would deliver 12 V and 7.42 A, resulting in 12 V x 7.42 A = 89 W.

The advantage: the MPPT charge controller increases the output of your modules by up to 40 % compared to a regular charge controller.

More power advantages

In PV systems, lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-fleece batteries are used most commonly for storing energy. Lead-batteries need protection from discharging and overcharging. The MPPT solar charge controller meets both requirements and additionally maintains the batteries automatically through an intelligent maintenance function.
The switching thresholds for over- and under-voltage, load disconnection and reset voltage are controlled precisely and temperature-independent by the internal microcontroller. These switching thresholds are user selectable and freely programmable via PC-software.

With the integrated software, the charge controller can be controlled and monitored. Additionally, monitoring of the controller is possible via the PC-software. 
4 battery types are selectable. In the battery type User, voltages are selectable and programmable via software (e.g. for lithium batteries)
A switchable load port allows the user to switch on and off every load connected to the solar controller with a simple press on a button or via the PC-software.
2 timers can control a night-light as soon as the regulator recognizes "night" through the solar module.
Yield data and system parameters can be recorded with the PC-software.


  • MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking)
  • maximum charging current 60 A
  • automatic system voltage recognition 12/24/36/48 V
  • solar input: module open-circuit voltage from 5 V to 145 V
  • battery deep discharging protection, overcharging protection, overload protection
  • RS485 / CAN-bus interface 
  • monitoring via PC-software
  • temperature-dependant adaptation of charging parameters
  • no fans, convection cooling up to 50°C
  • timer function of 1-15 hours for the night-light
  • automatic night-/day-recognition
  • load port with switch-off possibility
  • 4 battery types selectable (lead-acid, AGM, Gel, User) 


Technical data I-Tracer IT6415N
Rated battery voltage 12/24/36/48 V DC
Module open-circuit voltage     up to 145 V DC
Max. module power 720W (12V) / 1440W (24V) / 2160W (36V) / 2880W (48V)  
Max. load current
Max. charging current
60 A
60 A
Self-consumption           < 1,5 W
Temperature range - 25°C to + 60°C
Protection class IP20
Dimensions 440 x 231 x 110 mm
Weight 5,9 kg
Connection clamps 35 mm²


Optional accessoires

External temperature sensor (part 2069), PC adapter cable-USB (part 2762), monitoring software, Display MT50

Mounting instructions / monitoring software

Betriebsanleitung download Betriebsanleitung download software download
German English Software
Controllertype: MPPT
System voltage: 12/24/36/48V
Voltage range: Open-circuit voltage up to 145V
Rated Current: 60A
Shipping weight: 8,00 Kg

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